Het Keramisch Werkcentrum was founded at 4 December 1969. For a reunion-manifestation, we are seeking stories and works from the fifty-year history of Sundaymorning@ekwc.

The stories
If you have stories, memories or images you would like to share, we look forward to receiving them. These stories can be shared in writing, images or recordings. We will gather these stories and use them as a directive for an anniversary exhibition on the 14th and 15th of September 2019 (save the date) at the place where it all started in Heusden. If you have a story, you can send it to nico@ekwc.nl. We will collect the stories in a publication, published later this year.

For the exhibition, we are looking for works developed or created at KWC/EKWC/Sundaymorning@ekwc that can be shown (and potentially sold) during this anniversary exhibition. Contact Nico for an appointment about when to bring your work, in return, you will receive an excellent cup of coffee in Oisterwijk and an invitation to join the reunion lunch in Heusden.

Accompanying the exhibition a weekend-program of lectures, stories, performances, table-talks, and anecdotes takes place. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us.

This reunion manifestation is co-organized by Priveekollektief Contemporary Art & Design Gallery, the current owners of the building in Heusden with whom we share a devotion to ceramics.

If you wish to participate in the exhibition, submit your work before the 1st of July through email with the measurements and a picture of the work nico@ekwc.nl. If you would like to receive further information, feel free to contact Nico Thöne; nico@ekwc.nl.